Rennaissance Femme

Hotel Art

I often escape to a hotel to paint using the room as a make shift studio  – no interruptions, room service and solitude.  It’s because of these mini artistic retreats that I was  inspired to create  “Hotel Art” as another segment of my portfolio.

The amalgamation of the arts is wonderful and I’ve noticed that most hotels, if not all, incorporate a theme.

This gallery will show you a few themes, however if you are looking for an entirely new approach, let’s talk. All photographs, enhancements are original.

Some Testimonials to “Adolphustown Reach” or “Total Abandonment”
• Phil Robins – your skills , artistry and maturity far outstrip anything I could
even have imagined the BOLD colours of the two landscapes. Just like the artiste.
Just can’t get over you!
• Sherry Tait-Roy – Something about your painting that strikes in my core. Very
• Jerry Foster – I’ve been studying your painting for a while now…I think you’ve
captured the wind as well as the mood you were in…Love it!
• Nicola Vaughan Brilliant – Penny! I love this painting!!
• Angela Adams – Fabulous Penny, a truly lovely painting
• Jane McGall – Very compelling!
• Jane Rutter – Fabulous!
• Celia L. Sage – Great colour!
• Jack Evans – It is indeed a lovely painting
• Carol Lashley – Lovely!!
• Gord Mitchell – Hey, perhaps you have painted our house across the bay!!! You are
really good, Penny!!!
• Kathleen Cole – Excellent, Penny
• Bonnie M. Meyer – Beautiful…like you….inside and out!
• Dennis Benson – Magnificent!
• Mark Andrykowski – I Love It!!
• Tim Lacasse – Is it for sale?
• Mark Despault – Yes Tom Thompson … beautiful
• Mike Langlois – A most beautiful piece of art.
• Carol Woodward – it is beautiful Penny
• Helen Wells – Tremendous!! I’d hang that on my wall any day xo
• Kyle David Weber – Gorgeous. I love your work so much !!!!!!!
• Lita Barbara Field – Beautiful
• Donnie Wilson – Penny, you have many gifts.

Adolphustown Reach Gouache Acrylic on Canvas

not a commission – just a painting for me – listening to Bach and kissing the world good buy – for just a bit…
This is the neighbouring field next to our home. I spend a lot of time in this beautiful field walking our dog, Kurt. It’s the same tree painted in two seasons, summer and fall – winter and spring are coming.

Treasure Cove SunsetGouache Acrylic on Canvas

Treasure Cove Sundown.
The old crooked dock, and the magic of Mother Nature at her best. Home, our tiny piece of heaven.


Journeys – the paths we walk – dreams of paths passing…

Night WindPhotography

It’s recognized that Hotel Art is often themed based. This is an example of water on a windy evening, enhanced to display different colours and moods.
It is called “Night wind”. It’s a sample of what can be done with photography and or paintings; with different colours to match different moods / themes for rooms and lobbies. Consistency is important since every Hotel is unique in its theme.
My background as a Classical Film animation artist, portrait artist, photographer and digital media artist gives me the rounded experience required to fulfill the theme based art necessary to provide guests and visitors an enhanced relaxed, and inspired stay in your Hotel. You, as Hotel Management, have the ideas and concepts; it’s up to me to bring further inspiration to make those ideas materialize.

Cool StuffPhotography

Simply random cool stuff is inspired by our daughter. Indeed, on this page, some of the photographs are hers taken when she studying photography.











Snow Flower

Our daughter, Roanna, received these flowers after her first solo Opera concert (at the age of 15) at the Old Church Theater (Roy Bonisteel) in Trenton Ontario. We kept them looking beautiful for what seemed an unnatural eternity, deciding at last to finally immortalize them on Lake Ontario in front of our home. Later we used this picture on our first CD with Roanna – a treasured moment





Stone Splash

I can’t begin to tell you how long it took to get this shot…but it was worth it.


Sunset over DockEnhanced Photography

Take a beautiful sunset and give it a raised waxed effect then glaze it. The result is enchanting! This effect can be applied to any theme. It works well in Hotel Lobbies as its eye catching and curious.

Magical WatersCalming Waters

I’ve always been attracted to water. I can’t imagine not living next to it. It has a calming effect like none other – brings things into perspective after a long day. This theme, you might seriously consider… at least for Cancerians, Pisces and Gemini’s – but in an hotel, that’s pretty much a crap shoot. If your Hotel is near water, contact me.

Winters' JourneyTrials of winters' travel

The road to home – nothing like it – after what seems like a life time of travel, finally home.

View from Hotelenhanced photography

I find it ironic that I have to go to a hotel in order to find solitude to paint – but it works…
these pictures were taken during break times…

Dog WoodPhotography

I often walk our dog, Kurt, in the woods. We enjoy hiking. Neither one of us enjoy removing the ticks after our walks. Mother Nature has her warped sense of humour.

Ice LiliesStress Relief

At the end of a hard day, water offers me strength. It allows me to settle and compile my thoughts into a cohesive plan – or simply to just let the day melt away along with the worries; it gives me a better perspective. Perhaps in a hotel, when one is stressed over business or missing home, these images could offer an element of quiet comfort.