Rennaissance Femme


I’ve never been stuck on one kind of music or art – good and bad in all different types. My mother was a concert pianist and my father was a country fan hard core so my influences were worlds apart as a child growing up. My husband and I started off in Rock n Roll, back in our band days on the road. We even did Country Rock for a while, until one day, a member of the audience said with a slurrrrr, ” You play Country like yer from the city”, at which point we decided to play music for us, not for a paycheque. HOWEVER, after a long hull, we were in a position to do so. It’s good to mimic the “masters”, both in art and music – to learn – to grow – to develop into everything you can be, but there is also a time to branch out and do art and music for yourself. One of my old profs at Sheridan once told me, “You can’t begin to have a style in any art form until you are over 40. It takes that long to learn before you can decide” and he was so right!! When anyone discredits a style or type of music / art – if their mind is closed, I find myself closing my mind to them. If there is a glimmer of hope, then, perhaps, I will engage, but this is seldom. Time is too precious!